HELP! Where did my Dosing Calculators go?

If you have been to this page before and it suddenly all looks different, you are not dreaming. We have made some BIG changes and improvements. Biggest thing, the dosing calculator is gone from this class! This current FREE class now covers how to calculate dosing with an ordinary calculator and printed worksheets.

Some of you have been using our free prototype calculator for the last several years (wow how time flies when you're having fun making edibles!). For those who signed up in the last few weeks/days/hours/minutes, my sincere apologies for the bad timing. We have been working on these upgrades over the past year and I know of no other way to transition to the new and improved system.

But the dosing calculator is not gone, it has been improved upon and is in a new location.

In fact, it's not just one calculator anymore, there are a 9 of them that calculate your edibles and topicals dosages not only when making infusions (like the old calculator did), but also when cooking with concentrates like kief, hash, hash oils and FECO, and also with tinctures, and commercially made products.

Click here to find the NEW & IMPROVED basic dosing course and the dosage calculators that do all the math for you, no matter what kind of cannabis you are using to cook with or make topicals.